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Woodinville, washington. October 1, 2018

Silver Falls Capital announced today that it has acquired Everett, WA based BirdBuffer, LLC.  For over a decade, BirdBuffer has innovated in specialized technology and products for the safe, humane and effective control of pest birds. 

Founded in 2005, BirdBuffer is the original, safe and effective standard in vapor-based bird control.  Its patented systems offer the most successful and humane options for eliminating bird problems.   BirdBuffer solutions offer a range of outdoor hardened products, that use a specialized harmless haze to deter birds from settling.  It has a 96% success rate.

“For BirdBuffer to realize its future potential we were looking for a partner that could not only invest for growth, but bring key commercial know how, the experience with technical products and frankly the roll up your sleeves, hands on operating experience of running a business” said Gary Crawford, Founder & Inventor.  “We feel like we’ve found the ideal buyer of our business and know it’ll be in good hands.”

BirdBuffer products are used across multiple industries to solve bird problems.  These include Utilities, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, Aviation and Agriculture.  Apart from the damage and economic losses caused by birds, their droppings also pose a public health risk.

“Most of us have seen first-hand the damage that nests and bird mess can cause.  BirdBuffer has a truly unique solution to control these problems safely, easily and humanely. This differentiation was a key driver for our acquisition.” said Jason Wilbur, the company’s new Vice President and a Co-Founder, Partner at Silver Falls Capital.  “Adoption by the market is accelerating, and we see a range of applications across multiple industries for this technology.  We are excited to bring expertise and new investment to the business.”

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