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Omnitec Design

Omnitec Design supplies equipment for high-stakes applications including Flood / Fire Disaster Response, Bio-Hazard and Epidemic Control, Hospitals & Labs, Environmental Abatement and Restoration. Their products combine the best technologies for scrubbing air of Fine Particulates, Volatile Organic Compounds, Odor, and Biological Contaminants. They have a reputation for delivering rugged and highly reliable air filtration, germicidal irradiation (UVGI), structural drying and negative pressure machines and their related consumables.

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Agriair designs, manufacturers and supplies a broad range of Ionized Hydro Peroxide systems that ensure air quality and sanitation in demanding, indoor agriculture facilities. They prevent high value crop loss caused by the harmful effects of mold, spores, volatile organic compounds and surface contaminants. We help customers meet compliance requirements for air quality, food and product safety and a healthy work environment at facilities.



BirdBuffer® is focused on solving the public health, safety and damage to critical facilities, caused by pest birds. BirdBuffer is disrupting outdated, inhumane and ineffective solutions. Their patented systems provide the most successful and humane options for helping facility managers, health and safety professionals, maintenance teams and operators, eliminate bird problems.


CITC consistently leads the industry creating unique and exciting special effects. For over 30 years it has created special effects products for Motion Pictures, Theaters, Theme Parks, Sporting Events and Live Music venues. Some examples include Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Super Bowl, Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney World and Carnival Cruise Lines, to name a few. CITC’s boasts many “firsts” and continues to innovate to create dramatic special effects.